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We hope that you are doing well- staying healthy and happy and seeking your treasure in Jesus during this difficult time!

The word "unprecedented" has been used more times in the last two months than ever before- an unprecedented number of times, if you will! The times that we are living through and the future we are facing is unlike any we have ever known. We are truly grateful for the opportunities the virus has given us all to reach out into our communities and to the people we minister to in new and exciting ways. We pray that the hearts of the people of Maine are softened to the Gospel through our efforts.


In seeking to keep the people of Maine safe, our governor, Janet Mills, issued an executive order on April 3 mandating among other things that travelers arriving in Maine, regardless of their state of residency, self-quarantine for 14 days to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. The governor extended this order on April 28 when she outlined a plan for reopening Maine. Her 4 stage opening process requires this self-quarantine of all travelers to the state of Maine through at least August 1, 2020.


Therefore, Multiply Maine will not be able to host any mission groups in Maine this summer. While we are certainly disappointed in this, we know that our great God is sovereign over all- even viruses. His plan seems to be something different for us all than we expected, and now we seek to find out how we are to learn through this, grow towards Him in it, and most importantly to show His glory to those around us through it all. He is still King!


We covet your prayers and word of encouragement. It is our privilege and joy to work to spread the Gospel and make Him known in this spiritually dark place. To Him be the Glory always!

May the many coastlands be glad!

Roger and Caroline Ferrell

Covid-19 update